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Miz Dana Claire

It is indeed digital. Done entirely using the various "pencil" tools in Manga Studio.

I use Manga Studio to generate all my comics, these days; anything you've seen from me since the end of Ozy and Millie, at least, has been made at least partly using it.

One thing I love about making comics digitally is, it's as easy to erase a pixel as to make it. Or alternately, white is no more complicated to achieve than black. Almost any time I draw Girl, unless it's on paper in my sketchbook, her hair involves white strokes laid atop black ones.

It makes an effect that previously was painstaking and imperfect, suddenly blindingly easy.


This is beautifully rendered. I was trying to figure out if it's brush with gray ink, but now I'm suspecting it's digital. (?)

Miz Dana Claire

Thanks, Captain Kirk. :)

Frith Ra

Anymore, the last place to look is within.

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