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I'm glad you are having success. I have a spot on my Speed Dial ready for Girl when she starts appearing regularly.

Also, I miss Ozy and Millie more than is probably healthy. It would be great to hear from them sometimes.

Sierra Shepard

Hey. Hey YOU. I love every comic you've ever done.
My best friend introduced me to IDT when I was probably 13, and to be honest it was probably my only source of news at the time (hey, I WAS 13). Then I discovered Ozy and Millie, and fell completely in love. I've read the entire archives several times, and I was very sad when they ended. I would've liked to have watched O&M grow up together. (P.S.: I would probably marry Ozy if he wasn't a cartoon fox.)
I'm very excited for Girl, and I am SO EXCITED for you about the syndication. I admit that I had to look it up to make sure it means what I thought it did, but it DOES and that's awesome.
Thank you so much, Dana Simpson, for these characters that I love and many, many hours of comic entertainment. Good luck on all future projects.
~Sierra Shepard


So, have you built up a long back-cache of "Girl" strips, then, in the meantime?

It would be pretty cool to find out how this all works behind the scenes...

Shade Tail

Out of curiosity, how has the next chapter of Raine Dog been coming along?

Rachel Blackman

Congratulations! :)

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