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Like I've said before, Girl ≠ Ozy and Millie, for the simple reason that Girl (wait, it's Zoey now, isn't it?) doesn't cause chaos, she just happens to get into it (and I'm not too sure I can call what I saw in the contest "chaos").


Every story remind something to someone, of course... We rarely invent. Most of time we readapt, draw things we've seen or just things that are actual. It once happened to me to draw almost exactly the same cartoon than another toonist at a con. Never seen him before, just that the topic was actual.
Nevermind such rumors.


It's quite a silly rumor when you consider the number of comics that have strips that are reworked versions of earlier work by their cartoonist, Eg; Lots of early Doonsbury's are reworked versions of G.B. Trudeau's collage strip, lots of early Bloom County's are reworked Academia Waltz's and lot of Pearls before Swine's are reworked versions of a web comic by the same name.

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