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Ever since midway through the final O&M storyline, you've been experimenting with their design all over the place. They've looked markedly different every time we've seen them----the only exception that comes to mind is that picture where they're flying that kite along the beach.

D Stroup

I, too, miss Ozy and Millie. I applaud your good fortune with 'Girl,' but O&M was one of my all-time favorite strips, a must read every day. It wasn't just "good," at its best it was "Calvin and Hobbes good." In a better world a syndicate would just have picked it up and let you do your thing without editorial interference. I hope we'll see more of them, at least, while you're waiting for the syndicate to greenlight you for publication? Please?

Gabriel C. Gentile

C'mon Ozy, dive, like Kristofferson!


Love it.

What's with the look on Ozy's face?


@Nathan: please tell me that doesn't mean you've been blowing things up

Luca BG

Well, well, well... Look who's back! It's always a pleasure to see these two!
Looks like they'r growing up, too. Millie has a certain look... like she's starting to realize she's a woman (in the vixen sense of the word). And looks like Ozy is getting aware of that too! Maybe it's just me, but anyway I like seeing them growing!

Nathan Haas

Awesome. I miss Ozy and Millie. I try so hard to be Ozy, but I'm so Millie.



I agree. Draw them more. :)


Oh my god! They've gotten older since we last saw them!

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